Wednesday, 23 April 2008

New website - again!

It seems only days since I announced the new website - and it probably was. It's a work in progress and that was draft one!

I've now made the even newer version life, which sports the new Octagon colours (of cream and rusty red, in case you're not reading this somewhere that supports the colours) and there's a few new features on there such as a site search, updates via Twitter and some lyrics. These will all be expanded over the coming weeks and days!

In the past I've been using tools such as FrontPage, Dreamweaver and iWeb to create the site, but this one is coded directly into HTML and CSS. It's a pretty steep learning curve and means I'm probably getting a fair few things wrong along the way, but ultimately gives me a lot more power over the features I'm able to incorporate into the site. The downside of that is that things may not always work to plan! So let me know if anything appears to be going wrong and I'll do my best to try to address it!

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