Saturday, 21 March 2009

Song of the week: I'll Never Stop

It's been a busy couple of weeks which has meant I've fallen slightly behind on the free song podcast. Here is one for this week, and I'll see what I can do about catching up with the missing song! Check it out at

I'll Never Stop is a song from a fair few years ago which I've never really done much with.

I've revisited it for the free podcast series and have changed the key (my voice is higher now than it used to be so have moved from an Am, F and G chord pattern on the chorus into Em, C and D). While I used to sing it with a strummed guitar, for this version I've gone for a picked guitar with just a bit of additional thumb strumming on the build towards the end.

I've also tried out a few instruments which I've not recorded before. I was bought a glockenspiel recently and although it's already received some live use, I have been itching to use it on a recording. I also learnt to play the violin last week in aid of Comic Relief (thinking it would be a very comical instrument to busk with after only minimal training!) but found it easier than I expected to get a sound out - so with the help of the auto tuning and a few effects, it has found its way onto this recording too!


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