Tuesday, 13 May 2008


I've been visiting Liverpool quite a bit over the last few months
while I've been recording the Octagon album. I'd never really been
much of a fan of the city in the past but it now seems to be a really
exciting and vibrant place. As you probably know, during 2008
Liverpool is the European Capital of Culture and this is probably part
of the reason for the massive regeneration. It's definitely worth a
visit and I'm hoping to be able to play songs from the album live
there before too long.

One of the outstanding landmarks in the city is the Radio City tower.
I'm told it's 125 meters tall and is one of the first things that you
see when leaving Lime Street Station.

It always seemed to shine outlined against the blue skies that seemed
to be present almost every day I was there (even while getting snowed
and hailed on!). The photos I've taken barely do it justice.


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