Saturday, 28 March 2009

Earth Hour

It's just after 9pm on Saturday night, 28 March, which means it's Earth Hour! For a change I'm at home on a Saturday evening but it doesn't appear that it's making too much difference to the part of Crewe that I can see. At the front of the house, it seems to be more brightly lit than usual as my neighbours' houses are now occupied again and they have both indoor lights shining out and outdoor lighting permanently on. I overlook a park at the back, though the surrounding streetlights are still lit. I can't see into town, and don't have a very good view of the large BT office and telephone exchange building which is easily visible in daylight. I'd like to think this is because the lights are out, although I'll have to remember to check another time to see whether that is normal. While it would be nice to think they've turned off for Earth Hour, overall I think it's much better if they are off anyway!

The only other sign I've seen of Earth Hour near home is a poster in the local McDonald's saying they'll be turning the lights off on the Arches. It will be interesting to see whether Earth Hour made much difference to Crewe as a whole, and to see how it's affected other places around the world.

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