Monday, 28 September 2009

iTunes 9

There's a new version of iTunes out and it includes a whole new look for the iTunes store!

This means that my music and podcasts will appear slightly differently on there once you upgrade. You can find my music directly (whichever version of iTunes you have) at, but here's a glimpse of what my new page looks like on the Mac version of iTunes 9:

I think it makes everything a lot easier to see, and means that all the albums/singles and podcasts now appear on one page. It seems a good time to have a quick run down of the content I currently have available on iTunes. Prices are given in GBP but should be available at the local standard iTunes pricing worldwide:


Octagon, 11 tracks, £7.99
Octagon EP, 4 tracks, £3.16
I Could Be Happy With You, 1 track, 79p (only available in Europe)
Another Christmas EP, 3 tracks, £2.37
Still Life, 12 tracks, £7.99

Podcasts (all free to subscribe and download)

Free Download of the Week
Video Podcast - High Definition
Video Podcast - iPod compatible

The free download of the week podcast is updated pretty much weekly and I'm now hoping to do the same for the video podcasts so keep looking out for the latest 'episodes', or subscribe in iTunes to have them automatically downloaded as they become available.

And to give you an example of what the new look for the albums is like, this is Octagon in iTunes 9:


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