Friday, 5 March 2010

Music Supported Here

Music Supported Here is a new movement from the Musicians’ Union.

It’s a campaign for all musicians.

It’s about the simple but important principle that musicians should not get ripped-off in the digital world.

For musicians, it will be a way to publicise and debate the issue and to remind fans that you want to control your rights.

It’s a platform for musicians to raise their profile and direct their fans to their own stores and websites: a source of music controlled by the musicians.

And for music fans it’s a way to say that you don’t rip-off musicians.

By supporting musicians' rights, we’re supporting music.


In today’s internet-sharing world, it’s never been easier for original music to be hijacked, plagiarised, copied or just plain nicked.

That’s why music copyright has never been so important.

Copyright is important for musicians because it safeguards the rights to their own music.

And it’s important for music fans because it pays for musicians to make more music.

The Musicians’ Union (MU) is committed to making sure that everyone respects the value of music and the huge part it plays in our lives.

But we can’t expect the right to enjoy music unless we respect the rights of the people
who make it.

And if musicians do want to give their music away, they should be in control of the process.

By supporting musicians’ rights, we’re supporting music.

Find out more about the campaign at There is a list of supporters on there including Feargal Sharkey and Kasabian. You can support the campaign too by posting the logo on your website, blog, Facebook, MySpace page etc, or creating your own logo to use. Here's mine: