Monday, 21 April 2014

Keyboards and pianos

After a long but enjoyable Easter weekend working away from home playing at weddings it's been nice to chill out this evening playing the keyboard. 

I'm not a great pianist (yet!) but enjoy it and a couple of days ago brought my Alesis Quadrasynth out of storage so have been having a go with it this evening. 

It seems strange to me how different the feel is between keyboard instruments, much more so than between different guitars or even different string instruments. The Quadrasynth has unweighted keys. My digital piano, a Roland FP4, has weighted keys and although I love playing it it has been very nice to find I can move around the keyboard so much more easily with unweighted keys. 

Sadly the synth has seen better days but was an eBay bargain several years ago. It's a little frustrating that the power is intermittent and the tuning keeps changing but the wealth of sounds in it is more than enough to compensate. Kinda itching to start integrating more sounds into my recordings now :-)